It all started when...

In 2011, owner, Ellen Adams, followed her passion for fashion as well as earth conscious lifestyle and opened Zippy Chicks! Ellen explains finding consignment shopping while in high school.  It was the grunge era of the 90’s and before you could readily buy deconstructed jeans in retail stores.  “The only place to find a beat up pair of Levi’s was in a consignment or thrift shop,” she explains.  Over the years, she loved checking out shops all over the country and along the way mentally noting “if I ever open a shop of my own” it would be like this or that.  When she finally did open her shop, she pulled in parts and pieces she liked from other shops, but ultimately made it her own. 

Zippy Chicks feels so much more like a boutique then your average consignment shop.  With outfits styled for inspiration and constantly changing inventory- regular customers stop in for a fix at least once or twice a week.  Consignors find it easy to bring in their like new merchandise- and often find new treasures to bring home with the store credit from sold items!  Others find it a great way to make extra cash from their closet! So whether you are shopping, consigning or both- Zippy Chicks should be on your ‘to do’ list!