Reopening Plan

While Governor Scott has announced the ability for reopening retail in VT as of Monday 5/18, I have made the decision to remain closed until late May.  Each business has their own nuances and resale is not without the unique operations that make our reentry to Covid life...challenging. There are many factors in play for reopening that need to be hammered out right now.  We have been working very hard over the last two months implementing new procedures for the consignment intake and also actively selling online and via Facebook Live videos.  We will continue to operate with these procedures as we reopen and integrate it into our new circumstances.  While we miss seeing all your faces in the shop, we want to be strategic and safe in our plan to open back up to the public.  Stay safe.  ~E


  • I have a fair amount of summer things. Is your policy while the store is not open that if your clothes don’t sell you will donate them?

    Christina Reynolds
  • thanks, Ellen. I think you are very wise to go slow.

    Margaret Donovan
  • Ellen,

    I think it is very smart of you to wait——this is here to stay and rushing into full-blown “life before” Coronavirus is only a recipe for disaster. Hope you’ll also require folks to wear masks——just my opinion for what it’s worth.

    My question is—-if drop-off’s are still going to be “drop-off’s”—-(folded and in a bag), why are there appointment set
    times? I’m just confused in wondering if that means we need an appointment to put a bag near the door? Maybe I’m overthinking…? Please advise and thanks!


    Lori F. Hoyt
  • Thanks! Miss shopping with you but understand and appreciate your decision! Have loved all your on line outfits! Keeps you top of mind ( not that you aren’t already). Every day my friends and I walk in Wilmington/Dover and say “ as soon as this is over we are going to zippy chicks and buying a cute summer dress!”

    Rebecca Landenberger
  • A very wise choice! Thank you!

    Lynn Weatherup

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